Highest quality,
reliability and durability


The padel court brand with the longest history in the padel industry manufacturing with state-of-the-art technology throughout the production process.

redsport‘s DNA is made of 10 CORE ELEMENTS combined to one another by means of a formula for success. This formula applies to the production of each one of the models included in the redsport padel courts catalogue.

With a team of experts involved in the sports world, we have achieved an excellent position as a company with full capacity to take on every challenge in the padel world.

Our dedication to offering the best services and products is the result of our commitment to quality and innovation.


R&D by redsport

115,000 sq ft dedicated to productive excellence and application of R&D in the design, manufacturing and exportation of padel courts.

Our team of engineers provide the necessary expertise to lead the market in terms of product quality and production, as well as capacity under the strictest quality and traceability controls. Proof of the technological transformation is the investment in equipment and infrastructure, such as: