High-tech courts for tough padel industry players

In 2008, two entrepreneurs joined forces and became the first padel court manufacturers. Thus they began the mission of transporting this magnificent sport around the world.

They started with the redsport brand in Spain and at the end of 2014, they landed in Belgium, in 2015 it was the beginning of Sweden, and 2018 the expansion reached the five continents.

The keys to success: experience acquired since 2002 in the construction and management of sports facilities, continuous R&D and engineering applied to the manufacture of padel courts and the expertise of a human team committed to the project.

The installation of redsport padel courts guarantees a quick return on the investment made, achieving business success in a short period of time.

A long trajectory in the world of padel, as well as the large number of padel courts produced and installed around the world, backs redsport Courts as the first brand and company manufacturing padel courts in the industry.

The padel fever has been expanding internationally since its birth in Mexico at the end of the 60’s. The sport landed in Spain to stay, where it grew exponentially over the last two decades.

redsport experienced the same growth first in Spain, before taking a business turn in 2014 by investing and taking a chance on transporting this magnificent sport to Belgium and Sweden.

Thanks to the rapid growth in these countries, redsport managed to jump into neighboring markets such as Italy, Holland, the UK and France.

Indoor & Outdoor padel courts

Each country and each project require a specific analysis and technical study to choose the padel court model that will ensure the investment success. The choice of court models in indoor padel projects can never be the same as in outdoor ones.


Indoor padel courts increase the player’s experience, their membership in the club and the recurrence and courts rental. Besides, there is no need to install highly reinforced courts or with very specific treatments to protect them from corrosion.


In outdoor projects we design the future club adapting it to the exact geographical location of the facility, the area’s climate and the technical and environmental regulations of each market and country. Outdoor padel courts are ideal for practicing this sport when a correct analysis of the suitable model has been done. The geographical location in areas with adverse weather conditions, close to the sea, or in areas with high wind gusts and demanding environmental regulations, will force us to install outdoor models that guarantee the success of the project.

We control the entire production process, from design to shipment, carrying out absolute control on R&D, as well as the quality and traceability of the product.
We comply with the most demanding certifications, technical and environmental regulations in the padel industry worldwide, such as: UNE-EN 12193 for lighting, UNE-EN 12150 for glass and UNE-EN 15330-4 for exclusive AFP Turf.
We are pioneers and initiators of the UNE standard for padel courts, which has been promoted by the International Padel Cluster, gathering the design, manufacturing and maintenance requirements for safe and durable padel courts.
The redsport court is a product backed up by the technical and specialized capacity of a human team with extensive experience throughout the entire production process: design, production, assembly, electrostatic painting, shipping and installation of padel courts around the world.
Traceability throughout the manufacturing process from the purchase of raw materials, laser cutting, robotic welding, mechanized painting, packaging, loading and transportation, to product customization.


More than 2.150 redsport padel courts installed in the world, as well as the network of more than 33 exclusive AFP Courts distribution centers, guarantee and confirm the reliability, durability and adaptability in any project.