Our team of designers and engineers has created an completely portable court. This court does not require ground anchors and even with a system of perimeter plates behaving as a support and you do not need to make any type of civil works. It is ideal for installation in clubs or facilities who want to test the success of the sport and end up buying it and installing it anywhere as a fixed installation product. It also has artificial turf pavement edge almost without sand, which make it a demanding courts competitions.
The Redsport Try&Buy allows you to transport this magnificent sport to any location in the world and is perfect for all kinds of sporting or promotional events thanks to the ease to install.

1-Perimeter Plates

Perimetral galvanized plate system that acts as a support without any type of civil work or ground anchors to the pavement


100x50x2 mm galvanized polyester coated pillars, these are inserted into reinforced anchor plates on the corners.

3-Anchor Plate

220x170x10 mm galvanized lacquered polyester anchor plate, laser cut with an opening to insert pillar, 4 M16 reinforced bolts ensuring maximum stability.

4-Mesh Folded

Exclusive system of mesh folded vertical to avoid the injury of the player with ends of the mesh and to garantee the continuity of the mesh in front of the pillars.

5-Exit of World Padel Tour

Unobstructed access, 2.20 metre high

6-Extended outdoor lighting pole:

100x50 pillar which can be extended up to 6m using a special insert, which does not obstruct the playing area.


High performance 400w halogen metal lights and the option with led Lighting

8-Net and Tensor

Made to measure 80x80 camouflaged tensor pillar, net made using 45x45mm polypropylene professional mesh.

9-Panels of glass

10mm tempered glass panels manufactured to DIN 1429 standard, sealed and fixed by low visibility stainless steal screws using a neoprene gasket both on the upper and lower part.


Latest generation lawn playing surface made of polypropylene monofilament, 11mm high, filled with a 0.4-0.8 silica.